About Us
As long as I remember, I have yearned to be a photographer. My first encounter with photography happened around 1959 when my mother bought me my first camera.  As the years passed, I had many opportunities to develop my interest into a love for my craft.

In Russia, I worked as a photo-journalist, in Moscow Cinema Productions, and as a free-lance photographer of weddings and other special events. I never wanted to limit myself to one particular type of photographic expression. I enjoy a variety of subjects: landscapes, people, still life. I never considered myself to be a formalist or dogmatist as a professional photographer. For me, photography became freedom of expression without visible conventions.

In 1988, I left Russia and came to my new home, the United States. I found this to be a beautiful country, filled with exciting subjects to photograph.
Living in two countries, experiencing different cultures have widened my view of the world as a photographer.
Aron Lankin
Photography makes people and the events of life immortal. Sometimes I look at my own photographs and I feel sad. They symbolize the bits of my quickly passing life which once seemed so endless. They also symbolize the joy with which I have been blessed, the people I have met, the extraordinary things I have seen.

I had a dream to be a photographer. I am thankful for the opportunity life gave me to realize my dream.
I joined my father in 1999. I have learned the trade from my dad, and I love it. As a photographer, I like to create very artistic, unconventional, eye-catching photos. I believe that each photo I take is unique and cannot be repeated. If anybody could do the exact same shots I do, I would be very unhappy about it. I always try something new, in terms of ideas, techniques, and subjects. For me, the camera is a paintbrush, which I use to create pictures. I love the challenge and the thrill of my work. I am a Loyola University graduate with a BA degree in Communication. I am married and have a daughter, Erin.
Irene Lankin-Duffy