A frozen moment.  A global vision that transcends political borders. That subtle compassion found sleeping betweem truth and beauty.  A soft sensitivity that pulls a love poem from the other side of the world.
Aron Lankin has a passion for celebrating the common.  A precious moment.  A fraction of a second when time ceases to exist.  His eye has learned to listen before it looks, to capture intensely perceived moments when the heart speaks to the mind.
Relax and enter the rhythmic world of Aron Lankin.

Mark Debernardi
Genuine talent is God's gift. Talent exists unconditionally.  It does not care about place, time, and circumstances to reveal itself.  It does not fight for the place under the sun, because it is a small sun here on earth.
Aron Lankin is a good example of this. His album is not just the collection of photographs, but it is an inner world of the artist, which is very rich and colorful, even though, all pictures are in black and white.

Katya Kapelnikova